PeopleBrowsr has been built on open source software modules. We've relied on the coming together of inexpensive broadband, high capacity servers, open APIs, smart browsers and millions of cool blogs around the world to build a sort of personal dashboard to all your online identities, the online identities of your friends and everyone else around you.

When new Tweets, photos, videos and posts come in from the feedosphere, they're like fragments of a person's online presence. PeopleBrowsr assembles the parts into a a whole, connecting the dots and building a complete picture.

On PeopleBrowsr, You Can:

  • Read posts and tweets and send your updates from an awesomer dashboard
  • Make contact with people you like
  • See public videos, photos and blog posts - we call this watching the feedosphere
  • Filter the incoming feeds to just see your friends or people from a specific area and social networkSearch for a keyword and sharpen your search
  • Look at all the online content belonging to a user (e.g. Twitter blog, Flickr photos, YouTube videos, Facebook profile)
  • Bring all your online identities to one place
Most of the site is powered by javascript. When it first loads, the PeopleBrowsr server downloads javascript programs that are run by your computer’s browser. The javascript responds to your mouse clicks quite often without having to go back to our server. Now your browser can grab your Twitter/Flickr/YouTube and other identities data direct, so any changes you make to these accounts will automatically occur in PeopleBrowsr.

Random Posts
Our servers run programs that request the latest random posts (new tweets, news, photos and videos uploads) from many social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and more.

We keep a store of the last 7 days of live feed links. These links are sent to your browser and then used to query these social networks.

Google Maps work as a grid of absolutely positioned images, each one representing a specific longitude and latitude area and allowing both infinite scrolling and keyword search for locations.
Any geocoded live feeds are plotted on a Google Map. Your browser is accessing the Google Map server and all feeds sources, then putting them together.

When you click on a user, the PBID pops up. When the PBID's tabs are loaded your browser has gone out to all of that person's online identities and preloaded the public content.

On PeopleBrowsr you can gather your several online identities in one place.

When you add Accounts, two things happen:
  • Your Accounts View is created, collecting in a multi tabs view of all your social network information
  • Your friend lists are imported, allowing you to track all of your friends and their movements on the Internet
To add IDs, use the 'Add IDs' button on the bottom of the page.

Our Server runs Joomla
Joomla is a free, publishing, open source content management system.
It's written in PHP and uses MySQL.